Being a woman is hard. No matter where you are in life, what age you are, whether you have kids or you do not have kids….it is just hard. There are pressures that society puts on us, there are expectations that we feel we need to live up to, unnecessary stresses that we put on ourselves, and we rarely make ourselves a priority. Thus, it is important to have someone in your corner, cheering you on, supporting you, motivating you, and inspiring you! You need that someone letting you know that you can do it, stating that you are important, telling you how amazing you are, reminding you to give yourself grace, reassuring you that who you are is enough, promising you that perfection isn’t attainable nor necessary (or healthy), and most importantly….making sure you know that you are loved!

So if you do not have that somebody or a community that does all that for you, or even if you do and you just want someone else to give you extra support and motivation, I got you! Whatever journey you are on, let me be that little voice cheering you on! I have had so many strong and incredible women inspire me throughout my journey; it is my mission to pay it forward. Here at Flourish, it is my goal to motivate and empower women, strive to promote health and wellness, ensure that women take time for self-care, lift up their spirits, encourage confidence, share my thoughts and creativity, inspire others, and hope that you all practice loving yourself….because you are important and you are worth it! Even if I can make a difference in one woman’s life, I will feel like I have succeeded!

Thank you for following! Here are some key affirmations to start your day!

You are Beautiful

You are important

You are worthy

You are enough

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