My Girls Trip to Napa

When I turned 39 years old I wasn’t in the greatest head space. I knew it was the last year of my thirties and though my beautiful children and my husband surrounded me, I had lost a part of myself in the craziness of motherhood. I didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. Where was that vibrant, confident, sexy, energetic woman that I once was? I spent all of my thirties having and raising my wonderful children, sacrificing my body, putting myself on the back burner, and prioritizing the needs of my family. That’s what moms do, right? We put everything and everyone else first. It is just in our nature to care and love others before we do the same for ourselves. I know my kids thrived as a result of all that love and nurturing, and they are who they are as a result of my selflessness, but if I could do it all over again, I would allow myself to care for me at the same time. To give myself the self-care that I was worthy of and deserved. Since time travel wasn’t possible, I decided that I was going to take that last year of my thirties to make essential changes to my life, to improve my health and wellness, and to prioritize self-care. I wanted to enter my forties feeling amazing, confident, sexy, beautiful, and strong. I was going to make my forties my bitch!

I thought turning forty doesn’t have to be sad or depressing. It is actually a privilege to reach this milestone in my life, so why not do it feeling like the best version of myself. Therefore, I sat down and created a list of forty things that I wanted to accomplish before and during my 40th year of life. “40 before 40” is what I called it. The list was comprised of all the things that I felt I needed to complete in order to blossom into the woman that I wanted to be; the woman that I felt I once was! It was a journey of self-discovery. An eye-opening experience that changed my life for the better. To say that I flourished during this period of my life would be an understatement. I grew in so many different ways and I am not the same woman that I was at 39. I feel like I am ever evolving into the best version of myself every day. As a result, I turned forty feeling healthy, strong, beautiful, energetic, confident, and sexy… I knew that this chapter of my life would be even better than the chapters in my twenties and thirties. I was forty and a freaking badass.

Nickel & Nickel Wine Tasting.

I tell you this because I want the same outcome for all women. I want every woman to find herself, to blossom and grow, to become the best version of themselves and enter any stage of their life feeling like the confident, strong, badass woman that she is! I highly encourage every woman to make their own list with all of their goals and tasks they want accomplish. Follow your heart and create a list of things that will help you achieve your goals and dreams. Do what will make you happy!

At Nickel & Nickel. A beautiful vineyard in Napa!

As an example, I am listing out my 40 before/during 40 list (with a couple items removed because they are on the more personal side). Use these to get ideas for what you would want to put on your own list. They do not have to be expensive or over the top. They can range from the littlest of things to the grandest of things. It is great to have a combination of bucket list items. The best part is checking them off and knowing that you completed or accomplished your goals!

1. Make self-care a priority (exercise, healthy eating, relaxing)

2. Have consistent date nights with hubby

3. Buy a new and cute wardrobe

4. Buy new Victoria’s secret panties and bras

5. Have a 40th birthday boudoir photo shoot

6. Advance in my yoga skills

7. Do more weekly face masks and skincare routines

8. Buy cute new bathing suits and a sun hat

9. Redecorate parts of the house in need of TLC (bathroom, entryway, family room, and kitchen)

10. Dress up for Halloween for the kids

11. Create an ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos

12. Take a weekend getaway with husband

13. Go on vacation to Cabo San Lucas

14. Enjoy a bottle of wine that costs more than $25

15. Try out five new healthy recipes (and perfect one)

16. Get my hair cut and colored

17. Buy new sexy lingerie

18. Make health & wellness an important part of our family routine

19. Kick a bad habit (biting my nails)

20. Give out more compliments

21. Go on a girls’ trip

22. Do something out of my comfort zone

23. Read a book

24. Drink more water

25. Feel like a strong, confident, sexy woman again and not just like an old mom

26. Splurge on an expensive item or accessory

27. Run a 10 minute mile

28. Buy a cute pair of pajamas

29. Get new workout pants/clothes

30. Drop two pant sizes

31. Lift weights and tone arm muscles

32. Relax and take more bubble baths

33. Speak up for myself more often

34. Try a barre workout

35. Try out new local coffee places

36. Have my make-up done

37. Have a fiesta themed birthday celebration

38. Personal

39. Personal

40. Personal

Just a little yoga at Goosecross vineyards!

It is never too late to make YOUR list! Get started making those goals and listing out all of those things that you want to do. It is your time to flourish! You will be so happy and better off for it, and so will your family!

Did these inspire any ideas for your list?!

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