Today and every day, I don’t HAVE to work out, I GET to work out! That is the mindset that I have when I exercise. I am so thankful at 41 to be able to move my body and push myself harder than I ever have…and I love doing it all….running, walking, lifting weights, strength training, barre, Pilates, yoga, etc. I just love to throw on some music and do my thing! Mixing it up every day also keeps it fresh, fun, and I find that really works for me. However, so many people don’t find the exercise(s) that work for them! They hate working out because they think of it as a chore or something that they HAVE to get through, because going to the gym or running isn’t enjoyable. Therefore, they may be motivated to start a workout routine, but if a person doesn’t enjoy what they are doing, they aren’t going to continue doing it, and the point is to do something that is sustainable, long term, and fun. Health and fitness is a journey, not a destination, so why torture yourself doing something you hate?! Especially when there are so many activities and exercises to choose from that will allow you to move your body and live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pilates with a resistance band is always a fun day for me!

Most importantly, if you hate to run, don’t run! If you don’t like burpees, don’t make yourself do burpees. If you find that working out in a group setting suits you, find a class to join. If you need one-on-one assistance because you need someone to help you navigate yourself around weights and machines, or perhaps you just need to be challenged; find a certified personal trainer that will teach you and push you.

It is crucial to keep in mind that every activity will yield a different result. So depending on what goal you have or what you want to accomplish, you may need to change the exercise(s) in order to achieve that specific result. If you are just looking to move your body and live an active lifestyle, go out and do whatever workout or activity that your heart desires! However, if you are looking to lose weight or fat; increase strength, agility, flexibility; or if you are looking to build endurance or muscle, you will want to look at specific workouts that will help you attain those goals. Everybody has different needs and goals, if you need help identifying how to reach those goals, you may want to find a coach that can provide you with the tools necessary to achieve them.

Getting outdoors and going for a family hike is a great way to get in a workout and family time!

Need ideas of exercises to try? Here are a few suggestions of workouts that will get you up and moving your body while also having fun!

Kayaking is a great upper body workout that allows you to get outside, enjoy nature, as well as cool off in the water!

Don’t forget about recreational and unconventional workouts! Hiking, kayaking, rollerblading/rollerskating, bike riding, skiing, rock climbing, jumping on a trampoline, team sports, and dancing are all great activities that will also get your body moving, your heart rate up, burning calories, and working your muscles!

The point is, find something that you enjoy and it won’t feel like agony or a chore, but instead you will want to do it and chances are you will probably even look forward to it…and whatever you find that you love to do, throw on your favorite jams and have some fun!

Tell me, what is your favorite exercise or activity?!

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