Photography by Le Boudoir Studio

When I started my health and wellness journey, I never in a million years thought that I would end up doing a boudoir session. However, after almost two years of dedication, consistency, hard work, and just a whole bunch of blood, sweat, and tears that I put into transforming my body, I felt that it was the perfect way to reward myself. At the time that I began prioritizing nutrition, exercise, and self-care, I really didn’t have any strict expectations or set goals for my body, I just thought that I needed to create a healthier lifestyle and if I lost some weight, that would just be an added bonus. I ultimately didn’t want to focus entirely on my weight and size, because self-care and health is so much more than that. Without obsessing over my size and every piece of food and calorie, I re-established a lifestyle centered on healthy eating and moving my body. As a result, I gained so much energy, vibrancy, and radiance. I also managed to lose weight and even fit back into my pre-baby clothes that I wore when I was in my twenties! It DID NOT happen overnight, it took consistency, patience, perseverance, and quite a bit of time to get there, but in the end I found myself feeling amazing and so much more like myself; the woman that I knew I was, but just had gone missing for a while. Therefore, I wanted to celebrate the successes of all of my efforts, to do something that would honor the woman that I had become, and capture this special moment in time…my 40th year of life feeling the best that I have ever felt! Also, who doesn’t want to look back years from now when they are old and gray and see beautiful photos of themselves in their youth rocking a hot sexy body, full of pride?! Moreover, I thought that this would not only be a wonderful gift to myself, it would also be the perfect gift to share with my husband.

Feeling like a movie star with my name on the vanity!
Taking in this amazing experience with a selfie!

My experience with Le Boudoir Studio was beyond amazing! The minute you walked into the studio, you are made to feel so special. They put your name up on a welcome sign that sits on the vanity, where you already start to feel like a movie star. My photographer, and friend, Jodi Lynn, made the entire day so remarkable and memorable! Of course there were nerves…I had never done anything like this in my life! I have always been very modest and self-conscious of my body. Always hiding behind oversized clothing and too intimidated to even wear a one-piece bathing suit, let alone a bikini. How was I ever going to be photographed wearing just my lingerie, or nothing at all? However, from the moment I arrived at the studio, Jodi knew how to make a girl feel incredibly comfortable. With her sweet and easy-going personality, along with her motivating and fun energy, she was so supportive and encouraging, the absolute best cheerleader, and made being photographed wearing almost nothing seem so natural!

I loved everything about the day, getting my hair and makeup done made me feel so pampered and glamorous, and being guided through the posing made me feel like a model! Jodi is an experienced professional who has photographed countless women; brides, maternity/mothers-to-be, and even couples. She knows how to pose a woman so that her body looks curvy, amazing, and flawless. It doesn’t matter what size you are or if you have areas that you consider “flawed”. You will leave feeling gorgeous and confident! When Jodi shows you photos along the way, it leaves you speechless, because you never thought you could look that way. But when I saw myself in those photos, I couldn’t believe that was me, I was beaming and filled with excitement seeing just how amazing they looked. I know I left that day feeling so sexy, beautiful, empowered, and just so much more comfortable in my own skin. My husband was pleasantly surprised to see this change in me when I went home that day. After years of always trying to cover myself with clothing, I found that it was now hard for me to keep my clothes on (only around my husband, of course)! Is naked laundry folding a thing? This experience definitely changed me…it was a revelation of a sexy and sensual woman, it was a rediscovery of just how beautiful I am both inside and out, and this journey of self-love and empowerment was so very important for my mind, body, and soul. There is no question, that I will be doing this again!

Every woman, no matter their age or size (do not ever think for a moment that you are too old or not thin enough to do this), should have a day where they feel like the gorgeous goddess that they are! Women deserve to feel this way every day, but the experience of being a model for day in a boudoir session, and more importantly, the feeling you leave with is priceless. Getting out of your comfort zone to do something that will make you feel empowered, sexy, confident, and beautiful is just what your mind, body, and soul needs! To anyone considering doing a boudoir photo shoot, I highly recommend it! Do it for YOU, but in the end you and your spouse will be very happy with the outcome!

If you are in Arizona, check out Le Boudoir Studio and book yourself an appointment with Jodi, you are worth it!

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