My husband and I smiling together after a leg and ab day workout!

The saying goes, “couples who work out together stay together”. Well, I must say that though working out together is not the sole reason why couples stay together, it definitely helps build a stronger relationship!

Here we are after our mile run….before things got really fun!

When my husband and I were dating and early into our marriage, we made working out together a part of our weekly routine and special time together. We would hit the gym and it felt very rewarding having a partner as fit and enthusiastic about health and fitness. When we had kids, my time at the gym and working out became seldom and I became incredibly consumed with motherhood, but my husband continued to make fitness a priority…and it always showed in his energy level and physique. Having felt like I let myself go, I know I definitely felt very self-conscious and insecure. I let my health and fitness take a back seat to being a mom, and it felt even more apparent when I was next to my handsome hubby. However, after many years, I decided to bring that woman back and prioritize my health and self-care; it felt like the old me was back! I am now in better shape than I was in my twenties and I even have pleasantly surprised my hubby!

Here I am leading a killer plank routine!

At 46, my man is still in great shape, he works out weekly lifting weights…and he has an amazing set of guns and a remarkably muscular back! But when I put him through one of my plyometric and strength training workouts, he even acknowledged that he underestimated how fit and strong I was, and he definitely felt the burn! Not only did it make me feel so good and so proud of myself for how far I have come and all that I have accomplished, it was an even better feeling knowing that my husband and best friend was so much more proud of me and incredibly impressed with my level of fitness and strength!

Keeping our squats low and our standards high! Here I am leading weighted squats with dumbbells followed by jump squats!

Here we are now back in sync; in our fitness routine, making nutritious food choices, and prioritizing our health as a family and as a couple once again! We are very passionate about working out and we believe there are so many great and positive benefits of exercising with your partner that strengthen your minds, bodies, and relationship!

If you have not worked out with your partner or perhaps you have thought about it, but never tried it, let me tell you the top reasons why you need to make your soulmate also your “swolemate”! These all have been true for our relationship and they could significantly add to yours!

Stronger Bond and More Quality Time

Life gets busy with work, kids, the house and chores, etc. So finding time to be together and bond can be difficult at times, but when you take the time to focus on exercise and nutrition together, you are dedicating time to being together, being healthy, sharing a bond and similar interest. Also, when you try something new together, it can bring you closer as a couple. Whether it is new to one or both of you, adding an experience that will allow you to build special moments and memories will make you feel closer to your best friend!

Shared Successes

Whatever your fitness goals are, whether it is losing weight, building strength and muscle, or lifting heavy weights, it is always great being able to share your successes and celebrate your wins with the most important person in your life!

Positively Influence and Encourage Each Other

There are many times during our health and wellness journey that we may hit a plateau, lack confidence, or perhaps just need a little boost or pep talk. There is nobody better than your spouse to help encourage you and cheer you on! Letting your partner motivate you and keep you accountable—and vice versa—can bring you closer and ensure you get in a killer workout. Also, when you see your partner focusing on better food choices and consistent workout routines, you are more apt to follow suit!

Believe in Each Other

Your spouse is your best friend, greatest love, and biggest cheerleader! When you believe in each other, you are unstoppable, and you only help push each other to move forward, to progress, and attain your goals! Knowing that your partner believes in you, helps motivate you to continue and not give up!

Have Fun and are Happier Together

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde) once said “exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy”! Well just imagine how happy you and your partner will be when you are feeling the effects of endorphins together. Also, remember workouts do not have to be boring or feel like a chore, they likewise do not have to be traditional exercises. Do not forget to try the unconventional workouts that can be found by being outdoors such as hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, jump roping, etc.! Exercise can be so much fun, especially when you are enjoying it with your best friend!

More Romance and Sex

Speaking of endorphins! The release of endorphins also helps ramp up your sex drive, so not only will working out together make you happier, it will also increase your desire for romance, intimacy, and sex.

In addition, taking care of your body by working out and eating healthy will increase your self-confidence and can help you get in touch with your body! Therefore, you will not be timid or afraid to be naked with your partner….say goodbye to insecurity, because you will be confident and want to show off that hot naked bod!  All these things translate to increased arousal and better, more passionate, hotter, steamier sex!

Build a Healthier Lifestyle Together

This one is so important to my husband and me because it really takes collaborative efforts to build a healthier lifestyle for the entire family. Being on the same page to want to move your body every day and make healthy food choices begins with you and your spouse, and those principles will ultimately be instilled in your children. I believe it is vital to set a good example for your children, because they learn so much from your actions and it will not only affect your daily life, it will also affect theirs. Make health and fitness a family activity and a priority and you will be increasing your longevity, your quality of life, and allow you to keep up with your kids and your future grandkids. Isn’t that what you want as you get older?!

My husband and I greatly enjoy fitness and prioritize it as party of our daily life. As a result, we are very much in love and we work hard to stay fit and youthful for each other, and hope that it will allow us to be around for a long time for our children. I do think that it is great to grow old together, but it is just as important to grow “swole” together!

I hope that I have shown you the ways that working out as a couple benefits you and your partner’s relationship! Not only is it important for my husband and I to demonstrate to others how fitness can be incorporated into a marriage or relationship, we also aim to inspire other couples to do the same.

Have you worked out with your spouse? What has been your favorite experience working out with your partner? What are some of the benefits you have seen in your relationship?

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