Working out and moving my body is something that I not only really enjoy, but I make as a priority as part of my self-care. However, there are days that I just do not feel like working out. Some of those days, I listen to my body and I take time off as part of my rest and recovery, but typically; I just know that I have to be disciplined and consistent.

Many people look to motivation to get them to work out or to focus on health and wellness. I do not rely on motivation to keep me going because it is something that comes and goes all the time. Motivation is finite. When motivation fails, the habits that I have created remain. Commitment and consistency replace motivation when it runs out.

Discipline, habits, and consistency are what leads to sustainability and success in health and wellness. Finding and always remembering my WHY has helped me remain consistent and disciplined. Knowing the reasons why I get up and get going every morning is a helpful tool when you find yourself feeling unmotivated and not wanting to move your body. For me, my WHY has always been my family. Caring for myself allows me to care for my family. Being a role model for my kids is important and I can see that they are learning from me and creating healthy habits for themselves. Bonding with my husband through similar interests and activities, encouraging each other, and celebrating our wins and successes together keep us happy, close, and connected. Feeling good in my skin, my clothes, naked, and for husband. Most of all feeling healthy and strong is my ultimate WHY. I love the muscles and curves I have worked so hard to create. At 41 years old, I feel energized, sexy, powerful, and strong. Find and never forget your WHY and it will keep you going, it will keep you consistent and disciplined when you find yourself lacking motivation.

What is your why?

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