The other day, my daughter saw me getting in a workout for the day and wanted to join me. She quickly grabbed a pair of my dumbbells, my sliding discs, and started exercising beside me. She was so cute and I loved that she wanted to emulate me. I am delighted that she enjoys jump roping and moving her body. However, that day, she said something to me that made me immediately stop to have a heart-to-heart with her.

She asked me, “what exercises can I do to make my thighs skinnier”? I quickly told her that we exercise to make ourselves stronger and healthier. I told her that she doesn’t want her legs skinnier, she wants them stronger. My daughter’s legs happen to be muscular, strong, built. She was born and blessed with a good pair of thighs and they have been made stronger by jump roping and karate every week. I told her that I have larger thighs. As soon as I said that, she responded with “yes, mom, your thighs are huge”! I know what she meant when she said that… my thighs are muscular, but I will own them any way they are referred to, because I am proud of them. I worked hard for them.

It became apparent to me that I needed to reassure her that she is perfect the way she was created. She needed to hear from me, her mom, the person she was emulating, that she shouldn’t ever be embarrassed or ashamed of her toned legs. I want her to know that the strength of her legs is amazing and should be celebrated. She should not ever try to hide them or try to rid herself of them, but to embrace them and love them! It was important for her to know that being strong is beautiful and looks so good on her, and I hope that she decides to always wear it proudly.

So for my daughter, and to all the young girls and women who need reminding or who also wear their muscles and strength proudly…

Our curves are special. Our bodies are a blessing. Our thighs are absolutely thunder. Our shoulders are like boulders, and we will gladly give anyone tickets to our gun show. Strong is beautiful and so are you!

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