Photography by Jodi Lynn Photography

I talk a lot about the beauty of strength. That is the outer strength that we see when we care for our bodies, when we build definition in our muscles, and develop sexy curves as a result of fueling ourselves properly, lifting weights, and strength training. But I want to also take a moment to celebrate our inner strength because that is also a trait worth admiring and respecting.

People are certainly inspired by this character trait of ours. They too may also carry this type of strength or perhaps they wish they possessed this quality. The quality of being strong, keeping it together, persevering, despite it all. Even when it rains, we dance in the storm knowing that the sun will come out, followed by a beautiful rainbow. Though at times we may feel broken, we don’t let it completely break us. Our setbacks turn into comebacks, and when we do come back, our strength is even stronger than before.

This ability to be strong is a gift and it is not always easy, but we are fighters. We are fierce. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and the silver lining from all our experiences. We see the hope in the moments of doubt. On the days that we feel sad and broken, we find our inner strength, because we won’t let the hard days win. On the days where we feel like our world is crashing down into millions of pieces, we remind ourselves of how far we have come and how much further we are capable of going. We will not forget what we have been through nor will we lose sight of who we are and what we are made of. Though times may get dark and difficult, at times there may be tears, but we are strong. Not only are we survivors, we are freaking warriors. We can get through anything with our strength, perseverance, and love. Most importantly, we will always come back stronger than before.

We won’t ever stop being strong. We cannot stop being strong. It is who we are. We are amazing. Our strength is beautiful. We are beautiful. Don’t ever forget that.

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