It seems like such a complicated decision of whether to eat healthy foods and strive for goals of losing weight/fat OR enjoy the holiday season and the delicious foods that go along with them! So many feel it is so complicated that they put off their health goals until after the holidays! With the holidays around the corner, you may be thinking, how do I manage celebrating and enjoying the festivities while still prioritizing my health? I am here to tell you that it is actually very SIMPLE! Health and wellness is about balance and should enhance your life, not take away from it! So, when going into the holiday season, you should not try to restrict yourself from tasty food or treats, instead you should let yourself enjoy them! The key is to practice moderation and portion control. Indulging in these foods is part of the fun, but you don’t need to overindulge or eat everything you see!

Here are 5 ways to help you continue with your health goals throughout the holidays.

Do not save your calories for one big meal or treats/desserts. If you skip meals in an effort to allow more calories for that meal or for those desserts, you will get so hungry that you most likely will overeat and binge on everything in front of you! Instead, eat your normal meals during the day so that you aren’t starving by the time you reach the dinner or event.

Protein is key! When you serve yourself at your party/event always prioritize your healthy protein. If you start with protein, you will be satiated faster to reduce overeating. Then you can move on to the other sides on your plate.

Practice portion control! This is a time of year when it is easy to fill up your plate to the brim. This year, try serving smaller, serving size portions, especially if you enjoy eating many of the side dishes! Also, one serving should be enough, so try to avoid going back for seconds or thirds!

You can eat the dessert. Halloween is filled with all the little fun size candies-they seem harmless, right? If you eat a few! However, if you are eating mindlessly, you could be consuming more calories than you realize. Select a few of your favorite pieces and allow yourself to indulge with those. The same goes for Thanksgiving and Christmas, have a piece of pie or a few cookies. If you try to deprive yourself, you will want it more, besides, you should be able to enjoy a treat. The key is to be mindful and to practice moderation and portion control!

You don’t need to attend EVERY party! There are so many parties to attend, especially during Christmas, but don’t feel the need to attend every single one! Prioritize the most important ones to you, and skip the rest. This way splurging won’t turn into a regular occurrence.  

Now let’s enjoy this holiday season! I am particularly excited for Halloween…I just love it so much! What is your favorite holiday?!

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