Hi friends! It has been a while since I have introduced myself and my page so I figured the start of the year was the right time to share a little bit about me.

My name is Elisa and I am a proud wife and a mama of two incredible kiddos. I have been married to my husband, Michael, for 13 years. He has loved and supported me through all of my endeavors and is always right beside me whenever I need him, I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful, loving, partner and best friend; and I wouldn’t want to go through life with anyone else. My two kids, Jake (12) and Ava (10), they are my biggest cheerleaders as well as my cutest (and most honest) critics. They are both sweet, amazing, hilarious tweens that keep me on my toes! They are my world, and life would be so dull without their energy and spirit!

So why did I start Flourish? Well, I know that being a woman is hard. No matter where you are in life, your age, whether you have kids or not, it is just hard. There are pressures that society puts on us, there are expectations that we feel we need to live up to, unnecessary stresses that we put on ourselves, and we rarely make ourselves a priority. Thus, it’s important to have someone cheering you on, supporting you, motivating you, and inspiring you! You need that someone letting you know that you can do it, stating that you are important, telling you how amazing you are, reminding you to give yourself grace, reassuring you that who you are is enough, promising you that perfection isn’t attainable nor necessary (or healthy), and most importantly, making sure you know that you are loved!

Thus, I wanted to be that somebody and create a community that does all that for you; to give you that extra support, inspiration, and motivation! Whatever journey you’re on, let me be that little voice rooting for you! It’s my goal to motivate and empower women, strive to promote health and wellness, ensure that women take time for self-care, lift up their spirits, encourage confidence, share my thoughts and creativity, inspire, and hope that you all practice self-love, because you’re important and worth it!

Here are some fun facts about me!

1. My day job is as an art museum registrar (I oversee the museum’s art collection).

2. I always look forward to party planning…just give me a fun theme and I will go all out!

3. I have two fur babies named Rory and Bubba. They are both named after professional golfers (my husband likes to golf, what can I say?!)

4. I am a musical junkie and I love the theater! I have seen so many Broadway tour shows, but I can see them repeatedly. I would love to see one on Broadway one of these days (bucket list item, for sure)!

5. I love fashion. I actually majored in Fashion Merchandising when I started my education and was interested in fashion styling and photography. One of these days I need to find all my sketches and artwork!

6. I know how to decorate fancy sugar cookies (did it professionally for over a decade) and my kids look forward to decorating during the holidays.

7. A staple in my diet is cottage cheese…I eat it with vegetables, on top of avocado toast, on a baked sweet potato, in my tuna; it is delicious!

8. Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love the feeling of the fall, but I especially enjoy all the decorations, movies, activities, music, and fun treats! But most of all, I love dressing up in costumes! Themed costumes are especially fun and I am going to keep trying to get my kids to participate in family costumes for as long as I can!

9.  I am an early bird. I struggle to stay up past 8pm sometimes, but I am usually up before 5am! However, I cannot function until after my morning cup of coffee!

10. I love food…Thai food is my ultimate favorite, followed by sushi and of course, always Mexican food! 11. I live in yoga pants and t-shirts/sweatshirts usually… but I also love to get all dressed up and go out on the town with hubby!  

12. My therapy is going in to my home gym, putting on music, and just running, lifting, and strength training! Though many times a good yoga session is needed for the mind, body, and soul!

13. When I turned 40, I did a boudoir photoshoot to celebrate and I loved every minute of it! It was such an empowering experience and I can’t wait to celebrate every milestone with one! I hope that every woman gets to have this experience at least once in their life. It is amazing what it does for you! If you are in Arizona, Check out Le Boudoir Studio, they are the best!

Now I want to know about you…tell me about yourself in the comments below!

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