I am sure at one point you have looked online at people in the fitness industry who you want to follow; you may have thought if you do what they do or eat what they eat, you will look like them. Perhaps you find yourself trying to do the exact same diet as your friend or spouse. Well I am here to tell you that what worked for them may not work for you. Why? Because everyone is different; different ages, genders, body types, body needs, physical limitations, goals, activity levels, etc. The journey of health and wellness is not one size fits all. You will have to find what works for YOU based on your body needs and your goals. I can sit here and tell you everything I do and eat in a day, but that would really only be for inspiration or ideas to assist you on your path, because what my body needs daily, or what I need to reach my goals, isn’t necessarily what you need. Individuals just starting their health and wellness journey will want to start out slow and steady. Aiming for consistency and progress, creating habits and routines that they can sustain long-term. Doing this journey alone can be challenging and it can help to have a helping hand. Certified, trainers, coaches, and registered dietitians are perfect to help you on your path and will assist you with what YOU and YOUR BODY need to be successful and reach your goals.

Remember, throughout this journey, try not to compare yourself to others because their journey is different from yours. They may be well into their health and wellness journey, where you may have just begun. Comparison is the thief of joy and it doesn’t allow you to focus on your own hard work and accomplishments. It only leads to discouragement and feelings of inadequacy.

Focus on the small steps that move YOU forward. Focus on what YOU need to bloom and grow; mind, body, and soul. Think about how you can make yourself better than the day before. Enjoy the process and focus on the progress. Consistency is key and don’t give up. It takes a long time to reach health and wellness goals, but in the end, you will be proud of yourself for all that you achieved. You got this!

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