It’s Valentine’s Day, let’s talk lingerie!

When was the last time that you purchased new lingerie for yourself? Has it been months or years? I’m sure many of you haven’t purchased or worn lingerie in a very long time! Perhaps you haven’t thought much about it, or think it is pointless because it is only worn for a minute, or maybe you feel like you are waiting until you have lost weight; however, I believe that you should invest in you and your relationship and buy lingerie that fits your amazing body, your personality, and that makes you feel good as you are right now in your skin!

On Valentine’s Day, and throughout the entire year, if you have pretty lingerie just sitting in your closet or drawer collecting dust, it is time to pull it out and put it on! Or better yet, get on over to Victoria’s Secret or go online and buy yourself something new! Lingerie does so much more than just have an effect on your spouse and keeps relationships spicy, but it also provides women with a mental and emotional health boost, and we can all use that from time to time!

Lingerie can be so empowering and can make you feel feminine, strong, and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be super lacy, overtly sexy, or tremendously revealing to make you feel pretty and empowered. It can be whatever you want it to be… as covered, silky, lacy, cottony, or as skin-baring as you want it to be!

Here are 5 reasons why you should break out the lingerie!

1. It will boost your confidence. There is just something about putting on pretty lingerie that can make you feel fierce, confident, sexy, and beautiful. Moreover, when you feel confident and sexy on the inside, that confidence is exuded outwardly as well.

2. It can be a form of self-care. Nice lingerie can make you feel good mentally. It is one of those things that makes your soul happy. It can be a way of showing yourself love. Taking the time to feel and look good with your lingerie or underwear is a way of treating yourself. Remember, anything we do to make ourselves feel taken care of or loved can be considered self-care. So, whether you are buying sexy lingerie and underwear or are simply upgrading from the standard Hanes or Fruit of the Looms, you are showing yourself some love.  

3. You can express yourself through lingerie. Just like the clothes that we wear, we express ourselves through fashion. We can do the same with lingerie, however we are able to express ourselves differently. We have the freedom to be as daring as we want because lingerie is for our eyes, or for the eyes of our partners. This allows us to wear whatever style that we feel is a true reflection of who we are.

4. It can offer an escape from the norm. We can experiment with new looks, styles, or even themes/costumes. For many who wear basic underwear, this allows them to do something that is out of the ordinary or norm of everyday life.

5. Feeling spicy can turn up the heat and spice up your relationship. Buying lingerie is a way of investing in your relationship. It is easy to fall into a lackluster routine after you have been married for a while, but wearing a new piece of lingerie can add passion, romance, and keep the spark alive, which can help make relationships stronger. It doesn’t matter your age, size, stage in life, you deserve to feel sexy, beautiful, and confident exactly as you are, because you are extraordinary!  I truly believe that when you put on that lingerie, you will feel incredibly sexy and your self-esteem will sky rocket; and when you feel comfortable and confident, you will more likely want to be seen and want to be intimate with your spouse.

Have I convinced you to go out and buy some lingerie yet?!

Feel like turning up the heat even further?! Book a boudoir photo shoot to beautifully capture you in that pretty lingerie and show yourself some more love this year! Not only does it help you celebrate the incredible woman that you are, it also makes a wonderful gift for you and your spouse! Check out Le Boudoir Studio, they are the absolute best!

Photography by Le Boudoir Studio

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