I know that we can get so hung up on wanting to lose that weight, fit into that dress or bathing suit, or just transform our bodies for that event or vacation. We focus on that desired end result, instead of focusing on the process. However, when we do that, we are typically wanting the results to happen quickly. We want instantaneous results, a quick and easy fix, and we are in such a hurry to get our bodies to look a certain way that we aren’t looking at the bigger picture. We are seeing health and fitness as a destination and not as a journey. But what happens after you reach that destination? Old habits and lifestyle return, that fad diet that isn’t sustainable nor healthy probably has made you miserable, and you most likely will end up back to where you started. However, we should be looking at health and wellness as something we want to do for ourselves to practice self-care and self-love so that we can be healthier, prevent disease, reduce the risk of injury as we age, simply make doing daily tasks that much easier, have the quality of life we want when are old, and most importantly it should be sustainable long-term.

If you start to focus your efforts on improving your health from the inside, creating healthy habits and routines, changing your mindset, fueling your body with nutritious foods, getting that movement in and just seeking an overall healthier lifestyle, in due time (and remember that it does take a lot of time and consistency) the outside aesthetics will follow! When you prioritize your internal health before your external appearance, you are improving your overall health and lifestyle. This will generally lead to lasting results, and the way you look will be a bonus or byproduct of all that hard work.

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