When I think of food, I do think of it as my body’s fuel source. It is the energy that I need to make it through my day and through my workouts. It provides my body the nutrients it needs to function properly. However, it is more than that; making food that is delicious and nutritious is a way that I show myself love and care. Sure, I can eat whatever I want, I don’t ever restrict myself from foods; I can absolutely enjoy the fun foods as often as I like, and don’t get me wrong, I do treat myself occasionally to my favorite glass of wine or a decadent piece of cake, etc. , but most of the time I CHOOSE to prioritize the healthy foods that will nourish my body, make me feel full, and most importantly, will make me feel good. I know that I need to limit the fun foods because too much of it ultimately effects my overall health. I can indulge in one or two glasses of wine, but any more will make my body feel terrible later and will impact my sleep. Sure, I like to eat calorie dense foods at times, but at the end of the day, I find that they don’t provide me with the nutrients and volume to keep me full and satiated, and I need quite a bit of food, so I eat those fun foods sparingly and focus my meals on the foods that will give me what my body wants and needs. 

I look at my food as self-love and self-care. When I create well-balanced meals, I am showing myself that I love and care enough about me to give my body what it needs to be healthy and strong. I also love the way these foods make me feel! When I choose to eat foods that nourish my body, I feel satiated, energized, I am less bloated and have little to no digestive issues, I have better concentration, an improved immune system, and I get better rest and sleep. All of these things make me happy!

Today, when you are fixing yourself a meal, make something that demonstrates the love, care, and respect that you have for your body and for your health. Don’t eliminate those fun foods, just practice moderation.

What foods do you like to eat that show yourself self-love and self-care?

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